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How did the IlCinquetasche originate?

The small pocket located in the upper corner of one of the front pockets first appeared in the 1800s; from it came the name for our IlCinquetasche.Introduced for the first time in 1873, gold miners and cowboys used the tiny pocket to hold their pocket watch on its chain or, according to legend, their precious gold nuggets. A characteristic rivet, a tiny metal button, is used to reinforce the corners of the pocket.Over time, the small pocket became a distinctive mark of jeans sold everywhere. Coins and tiny objects: even today, the fifth pocket continues to be the ideal place to keep small items and valuables that you want to keep handy.IlCinquetasche is an understated, contemporary style suited to every type of look and daily fashion requirement. We developed special treatments to create the details that lend our IlCinquetasche unrivalled personality. Discover all their features.